Upcoming deadlines for clubs to be aware of

Upcoming deadlines for clubs to be aware of

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As we approach the end of March, this brings with it a number of deadlines that our clubs need to be aware of.

  • Last date for registering or transferring players - 31st March (midnight)
    The last date for clubs to register or have transfers processed is 31st March at midnight. All requests must have been lodged on the Whole Game System by this point for them to be accepted. There can be no further player signings beyond this date in the season.

  • Deadline for promotion contenders to apply for our Senior Division
    Clubs seeking promotion into the Senior Division must have made their intentions known to Wayne Deller and Barry Fitzgerald by 31st March, enabling time for ground grading visits to be conducted and other necessary checks to be conducted.

  • Deadline for proposing rule changes for 2022/23 - 31st March
    If you wish to make any proposals for rule changes for the 2022/23 season, these must be submitted to the League Secretary by 31st March. They will then be put forward to the league's management committee. 

  • Deadline for existing clubs to confirm participation for 2022/23 - 31st March
    You must confirm in writing to League Secretary, Barry Fitzgerald, by this date if you have any intention of your team not paricipating in the competition for the 2021/22 season or are seeking promotion to a higher competition for the new season.

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