Good luck to sides taking part in county cup competitions this weekend

Good luck to sides taking part in county cup competitions this weekend

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As we hit the busiest weekend of the season in terms of county cup matches taking place, we wish all of our clubs the very best of luck on their county cup ventures.

Do pay some attention to the different rules that govern those competitions, in particular the following few points:

  • No emergency matchday registrations permitted in either the Essex or London FA competitions (see rules for player eligibility regulations)
  • Referees are appointed by the respective county FAs - if you have any issues, these must be reported to them directly
  • Teamsheets are required in both county cup competitions
  • Extra time DOES take place in all Essex FA cup competitions but DOES NOT take place in London competitions until semi-final stage
  • Different referee match fees apply including a travel expenses allowance in London competitions
  • Results must be reported to both the county FA and to the league after the match, irrespective of being home or away
  • No Essex Alliance League E-Card is required for external competition matches but you will have to send in your teamsheets to the respective county FAs

Click here for the full London FA cup rules

Click here for the full Essex County FA cup rules

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