EAL referees receive promotions from Essex FA

EAL referees receive promotions from Essex FA

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We are very pleased to report that eleven Essex Alliance League referees have received notifications this week of impending promotions which continues to demonstrate the strength of the refereeing pool locally and is testament to their hard work. 

Promotion to Level 4 (Senior League level) - subject to FA approval

  • Lanray Alapafujah
  • Andrew Crossley
  • Tolu Sangowawa
  • Abdul Wahid
  • Nick Vermaat

Promotion to Level 5 (Senior County Referee)

  • Aaron Mills
  • Joe Sach

Promotion to Level 6 (County Referee)

  • Royan Campbell
  • Nyasha Mukachana
  • Frances Rabbles
  • Yaron Woolf

We congratulate you all and look forward to working with you again in the 2020/21 season, whenever that might commence!

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