Advice on player debt recovery

Advice on player debt recovery

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The Essex County FA has guidance on the process to recover monies from players who leave clubs with debts still owing. 

In summary, the following guidelines apply when making a claim:

  • Minimum claim (inclusive of mandatory £25.00 admin fee) is £50.00
  • Aside from monies owed for disciplinary matters, debts can only include direct costs upon a Club including match fees, kit fees and pitch fees but NOT annual subscription fees
  • Clubs must first take their own reasonable steps to recover the debt before notifying the Essex County FA
  • Essex County FA must be notified within 28 days of the Club formally notifying the member of their debt and within 112 days of the debt being incurred
  • Debtors have 21 days to settle or appeal the debt after which time they will be placed under Sine Die suspension
  • Where a Club has folded, its qualifying debts may be spread across its registered members and officers, and action taken against them individually to recover the club’s debt
  • Leagues cannot refuse the registration of players who are not on the Sine Die suspension list for debt related matters
  • It is the responsibility of clubs when signing their players to make all reasonable attempts to contact the previous clubs of their players to confirm there is no debt outstanding before signing them for your club

There is now a flowchart to help to explain the process a little further. 

Click here to view the flowchart.

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